Minnesota Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

The air is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter. Fall is quickly approaching and it can affect your home just as much as your wardrobe choices. Fall home maintenance is needed in order to prepare the home for another brutal Minnesota winter. Below are some fall home maintenance tips that will help keep your home in great condition.

#1) Make sure your gutters are cleaned out this fall before the ice dams have a chance to build up this winter.

#2) Turn off your AC breaker and cover up your AC unit outside.

#3) Turn off all of your outside water spigots in your basement ensuring they don’t freeze up this winter.

#4) Clean out the inside of your gas and wood burner fireplaces at least every three years.

#5) Change out your furnace and humidifier filters periodically this winter.

#6) Clean or wash your air exchange filters every three months as recommended.There are typically three filters in each unit. One large and two small filters.

#7) Clean your exterior vents or exhausts on the outside of your house. Air exchangers, dryer vents, etc.

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